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Tips on Finding a Professional
and Dependable Upholsterer in New York City

Whether you want to re-upholster an old but favorite chair or family antique, you certainly do not wish to place a cherished piece of furniture into the hands of an amateur. Upholstering may seem to be a trade that merely involves removing old fabric and replace it with new fabric using stapler guns, fabric glue or small nails but in reality, upholstering requires expert knowledge of information regarding the history of furniture, construction details, the best type of fabric to use and other details that amateur upholsters fail to understand.

When searching for a reliable New York City upholsterer, keep in mind the following questions:
Does the upholsterer offer free consultation and estimates?
Does the upholsterer offer affordable and competitive prices regarding services and materials?
Does the company offer free pick-up and delivery?
Has the upholsterer been practicing his craft for many years? Does he have a license from a vocational or trade school?
Are there any reviews available online regarding this upholstery business?
Does the upholstery business give an approximate length of time it will take to finish the job?

Where to Find a Good Upholstery Company
The best place to start is by asking family and friends if anyone has ever used an upholsterer. If someone has had furniture upholstered, inspect the job done by the company in question and ask your friend or family member if they would recommend this particular upholstery company. You can also search online for upholstery companies in your area. Read reviews and do some investigation into the background of the company by checking the Better Business Bureau for complaints. In addition, visit or call a fabric store, furniture store or interior design agency and ask if they can recommend any professional upholsterers.

Visit the Upholstery Shop
Never jump into an agreement with an upholstery business without first visiting the store. If they have any examples of recent work, ask to see these furniture pieces. Don't hesitate to inquire about the upholstery process--how it is done, what materials are used, how long they guarantee their work--and always get an estimate in writing. Once you decide which upholstery business you want to use, tell them exactly how you want your chair, couch or loveseat to look, making clear your expectations before signing any type of agreement.

Remember the old adage "you get what you pay for"? This applies to the re-upholstering industry as well. Selecting the cheapest estimate out of five other estimates may give you nothing in return but an inferior and sloppily upholstered piece of furniture that looked better before it was "renovated".

Make sure a clear understanding of what the full price includes exists between you and the New York City upholstery business with which you are dealing. Be aware that the work order you sign should have everything written down regarding the transaction--materials, prices, time estimate and any instructions you may wish to add in order to prevent any future conflicts involving the reupholstered furniture in question.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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