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Tips for Restaurant Upholsterers

For an upholsterer, the restaurant upholstery industry is a booming business to get into. Restaurants come with several advantages for an upholsterer. First and foremost is ubiquity. Restaurants - particularly in metropolitan areas - have a great deal of turnaround. The high turnaround of restaurants is not great news for the restauranteur, but it is welcome news to the restaurant upholsterer. Another, related, advantage to the upholsterer who decides to get into the restaurant business is the power of community and word of mouth. Referrals bring a great deal of business to the successful restaurant upholsterer.

So, how do you become a success in the restaurant upholstery field? Below are some of the biggest things you should consider on your next restaurant upholstery project.

Fabric Choice
With fabric at the forefront of any upholsterer’s mind, it makes sense that fabric choice would be top on the list of things you must consider when working on a restaurant upholstery project. When it comes to restaurants, your fabric has to be achieving several different jobs at once. First, it has to establish the right mood for the space. Restaurant upholstery is hugely about design and the environment it helps to create. Secondly, your fabric needs to be both durable and functional. Restaurants necessitate a fabric that will stand up to the level of traffic that the restaurant requires. Plus, since food and drink are front and center at a restaurant, you don’t want to use a fabric that stains easily. For this reason, vinyl and Crypton are top choices for restaurant upholsterers.

Vinyl comes in a wide range of styles and is incredibly durable. It can also have flame retardancy, which is a great quality for a restaurant. However, extremely durable vinyl is typically more expensive, because the level of ingredients required are more expensive. Crypton is also considered a more expensive option, but it has extremely durable qualities especially when it comes to liquids.

Some restaurants with a larger budget that want to achieve a more luxe look might also use faux materials such as faux leather. Some restaurants will also mix materials to achieve a highly stylized look.

Understand Your Client’s Needs
Knowing your client’s priorities when it comes to fabric will help you to achieve what they need in the most streamlined way possible. If durability is important over all else, you’ll make different choices than if a luxe appearance is the most important quality they’re after. Make sure to know your client’s priorities so that you can best achieve the look and functionality they’re looking for.

Networking Is Key
Know how to make good relationships with your clients so that you can thrive on their recommendations. Taking care of your client, providing excellent customer service and communication, and seeing to it that their needs are met in a timely and professional manner are all important aspects of creating long-lasting relationships. You want your client to feel happy enough with the work that you did that if an upholstery project comes up in the future, you’re the first call he ors he makes.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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