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Quality Upholstery Fabrics for High-Demand Furniture

When needing reupholstering, frequently used furniture should be covered with fabrics called performance textiles. These special fabrics contain elements effectively resistant to tearing, heat, stains, wrinkles and ultraviolet rays. Also called functional or "smart" textiles, these fabrics commonly protect commercial public seating furniture but can also provide the same type of heavy-duty protection for home furniture subject to extreme wear and tear.

When selecting performance textiles, the selection should facilitate how the furniture is going to be used. For example, restaurant owners contemplating replacement fabric for booth seats may think a suede-type fabric would endow their restaurant with a luxurious feel and appearance. However, they fail to realize how hard it would be for customers to slide over in a booth seat covered with brushed suede. Alternatively, doctors or dentists outfitting their offices do not have to worry about customer satisfaction in regards to extremely comfortable seating. Instead, medical office chairs can have suede coverings that enhance the visual appeal of their waiting rooms.

Reupholstery Fabrics and Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is essentially the manipulation of the physical world at the molecular level. By applying nanotechnology to the textile industry, fabric producers have greatly improved the functionality and performance of fabrics used to cover all kinds of furniture. Developments in fabric manufacturing have resulted in material that is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to electrical conduction (static electricity), chemicals, element eradication and even germs. In fact, reupholstery fabrics are now being offered that are even self-decontaminating.

By implementing the chemical structures of silicone and fluorocarbon, fabric nanotechnologists are attaching polymers to interwoven fibers creating a specific kind of material. Instead of coating the material with solutions meant to protect the fabric from stains and UV fading, this treatment is effected when nanotechnological processes actually transform the molecular architecture of the material's fibers. As a result, the brightness, vivid coloring and unique feel of the fabric is not diminished when molecules are altered the way it is lessened when glazing them over with the heavy, thick substance of a stain resistor.

Stain resistant finishes are just one of the many beneficial culminations of reupholstery fabric and nanotechnology. Fluorochemical finishes implemented at the molecular level provides the most effective kind of resistance to soil and spills. In addition, a "dual-action stain repellent" technology is producing fabrics that repel stains based on water while simultaneously promoting the release of dirt as soon as the dirt begins penetrating the fabric.

If you have a piece of "high-demand" furniture that needs reupholstered, speak to a technician working for Premier Decorators and consider using material that was created using nanotechnology.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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