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Should You Reupholster that Old Sofa?

Although a quality, professional reupholstering job may cost more than purchasing a new piece of furniture, certain items are just too valuable to neglect or eliminate from your home. Family heirlooms, antiques and just the fact that it is a good piece of furniture makes it worth paying the extra expense involved with reupholstering. In addition to potentially being valuable, heirloom furniture has sentimental value as well. The piece you are thinking of reupholstering may be the chair that Great-Grandpa liked to nap in on lazy, Sunday afternoons or that sofa Great-Grandma sat on while she told fascinating stories about her childhood on the farm. Reupholstering such memorable items are definitely worth spending the time and money it takes to restore their beauty.

However,reupholstering a chair or sofa may not necessarily be a more expensive endeavor than buying new ones, depending on the fabric type and what needs to be done to the furniture. Also be aware of the difference between reupholstering and re-covering furniture. Re-covering is nothing more than a cosmetic process that involves the replacement of fabric only. When furniture is reupholstered, however, it is almost stripped down to the frame, which is also repaired if necessary. Once the frame has been refurbished, the reupholstering technician replaces padding, springs and any other broken or deteriorated component on the furniture before covering it with new fabric.

Choosing to reupholster also allows you the convenience of shopping without leaving your home. Instead of spending hours in a crowded furniture store waiting for a store representative to attend to your needs, you can remain in your home and browse through a reupholstery company's catalog and choose the fabric type you want. Premier Decorators offers an almost endless selection of patterns, colors, textures and durability degrees in regards to reupholstery fabric.

Before choosing the fabric you want to use when reupholstering a sofa or chair, decide how the furniture piece is going to be used--will it be sat on frequently or is it going to be placed somewhere just for aesthetic appeal? If you plan on using Great-Grandpa's chair after it is reupholstered for your own afternoon naps, considering using a grade three or four fabric. A "3" grade is considered "commercial light duty/domestic heavy duty" and a grade "4" is for "domestic heavy duty/commercial medium duty". Grades one and two are "delicate" and domestic light duty", respectively. Grade five is reserved for "commercial heavy duty", or the kind of furniture used in public places such as medical office waiting rooms.

Considering all the benefits of reupholstering antique and heirloom furniture, it is not difficult to decide to go ahead and keep something you cherish as fresh and restored as possible. Nothing can replace a beloved family member but you can always maintain that sofa or chair which reminds you of them in excellent condition, ready to be passed down to your own grandchildren.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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