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Custom Vehicle Upholstery

Custom vehicles are a popular hobby in the United States. Custom vehicle enthusiasts recreate vintage vehicles and travel the country showing off their beauties to fellow enthusiasts at car shows. Many such hobbyists are purists when it comes to what types of materials are used in their custom built vintage model cars. Years can be spent tracking down original fixtures, paints, hookups, and fabrics.

For most people who build custom cars, custom vehicle upholstery is the only way to achieve the desired effect in the automobile. Restoring a vintage vehicle means picking materials that are as close to the original as possible, and when it comes to the interior of cars, this often means sourcing vintage or premium car upholstery materials.

There are a few different ways to go about finding the proper upholstery materials for a vintage vehicle refurbishment. They are:
Source actual vintage materials: find materials from actual vintage cars and/or vintage factories that match the exact materials that were used in the original vehicle
Create custom upholstery: have a fabric created for you that imitates or comes very close to the fabric that was used in the original vehicle.

It is possible, in some cases, to actually source materials that are truly from the era that the car originates from. Many of these materials have been harvested from vehicles that are not in working condition and are not being refurbished. Of course, since vintage vehicles are many decades old, it is a fairly time consuming endeavor to attempt to source materials that are truly from the car that’s being refurbished. It’s possible, but it’s time consuming and therefore, it can be costly.

The more streamlined method for recreating a vintage car while staying true to the specs that were used in its original iteration is to engage a custom fabrication project. In this case, you have a factory create exactly what you need. The benefits to having a custom material created are:
Custom material takes a fraction of the time to create than it does to source actual materials
Because it’s less time consuming and is not sourcing something that is rare and difficult to find, the costs associated with custom fabrication are lower
Custom materials are created to the exact specifications you request. This gives you a level of customization that is perfect for a passion project.
When you are sourcing real vintage materials, it’s possible to come up short. When you create a custom fabric to use for your vintage car upholstery, you can always be assured that you’ll have enough, because the fabric is created to meet your needs.

Once you have the materials you’ll need for your custom upholstery project for the interior of your vintage vehicle, it’s important to work with an upholsterer who is not only well-trained in a wide range of upholstery techniques, but one is that is an expert in upholstering the interior of vehicles. If you can find an upholsterer who is an expert on vintage vehicles, you’ll be in even better shape.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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