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What does it Cost to Reupholster Furniture?

Reupholstering can be an economical way to continue using your favorite furniture without resorting to placing slipcovers over the worn-out fabric. Slipcovers need constant adjustment and do not look as clean and attractive as professionally reupholstered furniture. New, high-quality furniture sets generally cost at least $1500 but reupholstering an old, sturdy couch and chair that has withstood kids, pets and family gatherings over the years costs much less.

Fabric Costs
Less expensive fabric such as rayon/polyester blends are priced around $7 to $8 per yard. Wrinkle-resistant and durable, rayon/polyester upholstery fabric is often used to reupholster high-traffic furniture due to its ability to retain color and easy to clean nature. A typical, three-cushioned sofa will need about 20 yards of fabric, depending on the size of the back and armrests.

Tapestry fabric is more expensive but come in a variety of colors, patterns and images woven into the fabric, such as animal patterns, flowers and fascinating ethnic designs. The deep, rich colors of tapestry material used to reupholster furniture is perfect for dens, libraries and drawing rooms where the decor is elegant and Old World. The cost of tapestry can run between $35 to $50 per yard but is long-lasting and stain-resistant.

Other fabrics commonly used to reupholster furniture include:

Depending on the grade of fabric chosen to reupholster a piece of furniture, prices per yard can vary greatly. The simplest way to obtain the fabric you want is to purchase it from the reupholstery company you hire to do the job. They will take care of measuring furniture and will figure exactly how much is needed to properly refinish the pieces. Relying on a professional reupholstering business to assist you with the details of an upholstering job removes the stress of knowing which fabric is best to use, how much is needed and if the end result will meet your expectations.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Reupholstering
The size of the pieces, number of pieces, type of fabric desired, intricacy of the furniture's design and labor are primary factors influencing the final cost of an excellent reupholstery job. An approximation of labor costs may fall between $400 and $600 but this also depends on how much work is needed to properly reupholster a furniture piece. However, be aware of reupholstery companies offering estimates that are much lower than $400, especially if they do not provide a detailed contract of all costs involved in the job. Often, these companies dazzle customers with promises of cheap labor costs, only to surreptitiously add other costs involving supplies, extra fabric and "repairs" that are unnecessary. Reputable reupholstery companies like Premier provide customers with upfront fees in contract form in addition to guaranteed service and courteous assistance.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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