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Reasons to Choose Reupholstery

Investing in your furniture is an excellent way to add new design and character to a room. Often, people jump right to the idea of throwing out the old furniture and purchasing new furniture. However, admittedly, this causes a few headaches. First, you have to ditch a lot of furniture, which is neither easy or practical. Second, the cost of purchasing and moving new furniture can be extensive.

Reupholstering your existing furniture provides an excellent alternative to purchasing new furniture. In reupholstering, you’re able to save the pieces that work in your house just fine right now, were it not for their color, the wear and tear, and their general lackluster appearance. Reupholstering gives you a chance to pick new colors and patterns for your rooms without actually buying new furniture.

Although reupholstering furniture does come with costs - both by way of fabric and in the labor of someone actually reupholstering the piece - depending on your furniture, it can be a more budget friendly approach than actually replacing the furniture pieces. Many people think of reupholstering a piece as investing in the long term success of the piece. You’re lengthening your original investment by putting a little bit more toward it, and usually the money you’ll put toward reupholstering the piece will be less than if you were to purchase a brand new piece from scratch.

Reupholstering is also a great option for restoring antique pieces. Whether it’s a piece that’s been in your family for years or something you found at an antique store, chances are that if it’s old and in good structural condition, it’s worth saving. Actually, many pieces that were built in yesteryear are of much higher quality than newer furniture that you can buy today. A solidly built piece is worth the investment for reupholstery.

One aspect of reupholstery that most people like the best is the creative freedom that it affords. You can literally pick any look or style of fabric, which means that you can make a boring piece bold, a gaudy piece pleasant, or a quiet piece loud. Of course, it’s a good idea to consult a professional when making fabric choices. Some fabrics will stand the test of time better when it comes to wear and tear, either from use or from sun exposure. Talking to someone who knows their stuff when it comes to which fabrics will work best both in design and in appearance is a great use of time.

Many people choose to hire a professional to take on a reupholstery project, particularly when the individual has little or no experience working with furniture pieces. However, if you have an interest in learning more about how furniture is built and how it can be revived with upholstery, reupholstering an old piece may be a great way to learn more about the process.

In closing, reupholstering can be beneficial for a variety of reasons and can help you create a truly customized, budget friendly piece that you can be proud of for years to come.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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