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Elegant and Upscale Upholstery Details
for Sofas and Chairs

Upholstery details can add an aesthetic appeal to sofas and chairs that plain upholstery does not provide. You can also find practicality in upholstery details such as pleated slipcovers that protect furniture from the energetic messiness of children and pets. Because pleated slipcovers look some like quality upholstery, no one will ever guess that a couch or chair hasn't been covered with upscale upholstery.

Upholstery fabric that gently contrasts with each other is kind of detail that modernizes an older chair or sofa. Instead of applying striped fabric vertically, allow the stripes to cross horizontally on a piece of furniture. This gives chairs or couches an updated look that is also an affordable way to renovate a living room or den.

Nailhead designs which actually uses the silver, gold or colored heads of decorative nails provides detail to sofas that are set away from walls where the backs of sofas can be seen. Nailhead colors can enhance upholstery that has a solid, darker color, such as blacks, greens and blues.

An upholstery detail called "diamond tufting" gives addition dimension to headboards, chairs and sofas that are covered in tight-back upholstery. Although the pattern is considered more traditional than others, it has a modern feel that lends an upscale and elegant appearance to rooms meant for entertaining and dining.

Channel tufting creates deep grooves in sofa backs that separate "tufted" areas of fabric that are about three inches in width. Interior decorators use channel tufting to give furniture a vintage look that is not only cushiony but symmetrically appealing.

Button tufting is similar to channel tufting only buttons are used to create deep wells in the backs and seats of sofas and chairs. Button tufting is usually reserved for leather upholstery but can be applied to other fabrics. This type of detail would look great on furniture in a den or a "man-cave due to its masculine appearance.

Gimp is a type of narrow trim usually crafted from wool, cotton or silk materials that is stiffened by having a cord or wire braided through it. Gimp comes in a variety of colors and designs and adds charm to upholstery fabrics that exhibit rough edges or need a decorative touch that also functions as a hem.

When choosing your upholstery fabric, remember to consider how much it is going to be used and whether it will blend seamlessly with the decor of the room in which you are placing the furniture. Although you might fall in love with a certain kind of upholstery at the store or in a catalogue, it might not be suitable for the piece of furniture you wish to cover. In addition, consider where the furniture is going to be located in the room. Will sunlight be streaming in and falling on the upholstery? If so, check with your decorator to make sure the type of upholstery you choose is not subject to fading or discoloration. The detail specifications you wish to have implemented on your furniture may make some fabrics more susceptible to ultraviolet damage.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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