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Reupholster Your Furniture or Buy New


You love that old, comfortable couch but it is starting to be somewhat of an eyesore in your otherwise modernly decorated apartment. Seeing those worn arm rests, the sagging in the middle and faded spots have made you love it even more. However, should you consider reupholstering the beloved couch or purchase a brand new one? It's a dilemma many old couch owners have laid awake at night thinking about while reclining on their cherished sofa. Maybe this article can help you decide what to do.

Questions To Ask
Before making a decision ask yourself:

is the piece of furniture structurally sound?
do I have the patience and knowledge to reupholster the item myself?
does the style and size of the furniture piece still accommodate the overall ambiance of my apartment?
am I worried about the price of reupholstering or purchasing a new piece of furniture?
will it last me another ten or twenty years?
Things to Consider When Reupholstering
Fabric type, color and design are probably what people think about the most when considering having furniture reupholstered. Depending on the upholsterer, he may be someone who does not use fabric which is not exclusively sold by him, so your choice of fabric may be limited to what upholsterer keeps in stock. In addition, make sure the he is going to remove the old fabric before attaching new fabric (some will simply reupholster without taking the old fabric off, believe it or not). Having the piece repadded with cotton batting is also preferable, as long as it is not bonded Dacron.

That Comfortable "Sagging" Middle
Even though you love nothing more than sinking into the middle womb of that old couch, you should have those coil springs replaced during the upholstering process. Although some coil springs may only need retied, chances are if you "bottom out" when sitting on the couch or chair, you will need them replaced. Webbing beneath the furniture piece which is visible and sagging is another indication those weary springs needs to be put to rest. Also ask the upholsterer if cushion insets should be replaced as well.

Old is Better
Professional furniture upholsterers say that a chair or sofa which is around ten years old or older, is usually made with better quality materials than most furniture manufactured today. The majority of older furniture was built using hardwood frames, high density foam; horsehair or cotton padding; eight-way, hand-tied coil springs or dowelled joints. Furniture today is carelessly constructed using low-grade knotty woods or even plywood and particle board; joints are stapled and inferior quality foam is used which makes a sofa or chair look nice and plump but wears down quickly with normal use.

Cost of Reupholstery
Having a piece of furniture reupholstered by a professional generally costs about 50-65% less than purchasing a new sofa or chair. However, this percentage depends on the type of fabric you choose and any structural repairs deemed necessary to repair the furniture item. Slipcovers are another option to renovating old furniture but slipcovers use more fabric and generates an appearance that may not blend well with your existing apartment decor.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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