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Upholstery Clients Weigh Leather Against Fabric Choice

Choosing to reupholster furniture shows that clients care about preserving high quality pieces, and anyone who decides to extend the life of furniture rather than discard gently used and well-worn pieces should be congratulated. That said, customers who choose to reupholster still wonder what kind of material should cover their treasured furniture for years to come, and one of the most common questions involves whether to use leather or fabric.

When making the choice between leather or fabric to cover pieces like sofas, chairs and ottomans, customers should consider their aesthetic preferences, their family’s lifestyle and how long they plan to use the furniture. These factors, combined with the customer’s budget, can determine the best individual answer in the classic debate of leather versus fabric.

In terms of preference, many customers choose leather upholstery because it offers a sleek, upscale look that speaks of sophistication, a perfect fit for many city apartments and modern homes. Leather material is available in dark, rich colors like black and chocolate, or it can appear playful and cheery in shades like white and beige. One area where leather differs from fabric is the lack of patterns, where fabric offers more choices in the way of textures and shapes, in addition to a greater variety of colors in every imaginable shade. Customers who chose fabric often prefer the classic, stately look of the material, which works well in traditionally styled apartments and comfortable country homes.

Aside from the appearance, customers choosing between leather and fabric should consider their family’s lifestyle and whether the furniture is likely to suffer high levels of wear and tear. Parents with children often worry about spills and how those will affect their upholstery, which makes easy-to-clean leather a smart choice. Unlike fabric, medium grade leather does not absorb liquids and dirt and dust stay on top of leather, which makes the material a breeze to wipe down and keep clean. In addition, leather is less likely than fabric to hold odors from food, pets or cigarette smoke. All of these reasons make leather an excellent choice for busy families and people who suffer from allergies.

Likewise, people who want to keep their furniture for a long time pick leather because of its durability, but fabric can also show longevity, provided customers do what it takes to keep the fabric clean. In general, the less work one wants to perform to keep the upholstery clean, the more likely leather is the better option for them. But customers who pick leather trade off the greater variety of color choices and coordinating possibilities that come with fabric.

In terms of price, leather upholstery costs slightly more than most comparable fabrics, which can prompt some budget-minded customers to avoid leather. It is important to remember that, in the long run, the durability and easy cleaning of leather could make the material more worth the cost, depending on one’s lifestyle.

Whether to choose leather or fabric is a question asked by almost everyone who wants to reupholster treasured furniture. The answer depends on what kind of look the customer prefers, as well as their lifestyle and budget. No matter what, it pays to think years into the future when making the choice.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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