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Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential

The well maintained home is cleaned well and it is cleaned often. Countertops are sanitized, floors are swept and mopped, carpets are vacuumed, and bed linens are cleaned and changed regularly. However, there is an aspect of home cleaning that is often overlooked, even by the most meticulous of homeowners. Upholstery cleaning is, in many homes, not something that happens regularly. In fact, in a lot of homes, it’s something that doesn’t happen, ever.

Why do we overlook upholstery cleaning? Many times, it’s because we don’t visibly see the need. When the floor needs to be swept or the counters need to be wiped, it’s obvious. With upholstery, grime and germs make their way into the fibers of our favorite couches and chairs without us really noticing. But when you think about all that you put your couches through on a daily basis — let alone over the course of a year — it really is clear: you need to clean your couches.

It is recommended that homeowners have their upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. There are copious professional cleaning companies that will happily clean your carpets, chairs, and couches. This is something that you should do around the same time every year, so that you don’t forget.

Cleaning upholstery regularly is essential for your health. You would never forget to change the sheets on your beds for years on end. The couch may not be quite the same as a bed, but it is used quite frequently, for long periods of time, by a lot of different people. We sit on the couch in all different conditions - just woke up, just came home from a run, just mowed the lawn, just got caught in a rain storm. Your couches — and particularly, your rugs — absorb everything you come into contact with over the course of your day.

Of course, most of us think about cleaning the upholstery when the need urgently arises. The dog ran in with muddy paws, your daughter spilled a full mug of coffee, your husband spilled a glass of wine. There are many ways for human error to create a need for upholstery cleaning. Many homeowners would prefer to attempt to get a stain out themselves before bringing in the professionals, particularly if the annual professional clean has just happened. There are cleaning solutions that will assist in getting stains out of carpets and chairs, fo course. Just be sure to treat a small portion of the piece first to make sure you aren’t going to get any adverse reactions from the chemicals in the cleaning solution.

It’s a good idea to talk to someone at the store before you actually purchase a piece so that you can figure out what types of cleaning solutions you can use on what pieces, and how difficult the pieces will be to clean. Purchasing a couch that can solely be treated professionally when you have toddlers at home might not be the best idea. Knowing ahead of time what you can do yourself and what you can’t will help you in the long run.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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