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How to Choose Appropriate Upholstery
for Commercial Spaces

In a commercial space - be it a restaurant, a cafe, an office, or a retail store - the appearance and overall feel of the space has a large impact on how clients interact with your brand. Design decisions such as paint color, furniture choices, flooring, and upholstery are all-important when it comes to decorating a commercial space. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at upholstery in commercial spaces. What should you consider when choosing upholstery for your store, cafe, or office?

What does your specific space require of fabric?
What is your space used for, and what types of challenges does that use create? For example, a cafe where coffee and soup are frequently consumed is going to naturally experience a lot of spills. An office, on the other hand, might have an incidental spill now and then from a coworker, but you’re not exactly in the danger zone when it comes to staining. Being realistic about the needs of your commercial space when it comes to spills, stains, wear and tear is going to help you make the wisest decisions about the level of durability your fabric needs to have. High-volume eateries like cafeterias or fast food locations, for example, will often use an impenetrable vinyl that can easily be wiped clean. On the flip side, a fine dining restaurant where meals take a long time and are served at tables will rarely have vinyl upholstery.

What type of style are you working with?
With some extreme exceptions, the goal of most designers is to match the fabric style with the overall style of the construction of a furniture piece. Ultra-modern fabrics do not necessarily fit a classically designed piece, for example. This is true on a piece-by-piece level with furniture, however, in the commercial realm, it goes beyond even this distinction. When you’re considering a commercial space, not only should the styles of the upholstery you pick match each furniture piece that it’s going with, but you should also make sure that the upholstery you’re working with matches the overall design of the space. If you are in a pre-war building with a lot of crown molding and intricate detailing, for example, ultra modern furniture and upholstery will look out of place. It’s important to strike a balance between what exists and what you’re bringing in.

Pay Attention to Color
As with any room, color is going to have a huge impact on a commercial space. Pay attention not only to the style and durability of the upholstery you’re using on furniture in a restaurant, cafe, office, or retail location, but also the coloring. You want the pieces to correspond with each other and you also ultimately want them to evoke a mood that is in line with your brand. A wine bar will not likely have a lot of pastels, whereas a seafood restaurant might embrace a lighter color scheme. It’s important to know what the colors you choose evoke and how you can use them to best support your image.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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