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Choose Long-lasting Value with the Art of Restoration


What do you value? All too often in the twenty-first century, it can seem like we live in a throwaway society, where people feel the impulse to dispose of items the minute they seem a bit worn or boring. A quick scan of our economy, the environment and even our mood can demonstrate the negative consequences of this “live for today” attitude. Imagine the difference in outlook if only we made the effort to restore and refinish gently used and antique objects like furniture rather than throw them out the instant we felt the need for change.

Enter the art of restoration, a time-honored tradition of craftsmanship that, while anchored in the past, points the way forward to a more environmentally and fiscally responsible future. Restoration, which goes hand in hand with the practices of refinishing and repair, respects history as it encourages creativity in the present moment to preserve and celebrate the past. Take a deeper look at the masterful art involved with restoration in order to understand how it promotes the best value of all, the one that only the owner can truly appreciate.

Why value restoration? First and foremost, restorations on top-notch possessions like classic sailboats and performance cars are carried out by professionals with years of training, often passed through the generations. What could be more artful and priceless than the exquisite skills shared among a long line of dedicated craftsman? Once you understand that no textbook exists to impart this special knowledge, it becomes possible to appreciate why customers choose restoration over replacement when it comes to their most treasured valuables.

The art of restoration involves refinishing, which is the practice of repairing or reapplying the wood finishing on an object, especially old furniture like chairs, tables, armoires, or desks. In refinishing, the paint or wood finish topcoat, lacquer or varnish is renewed to improve the finish. Refinishing also can be used to improve other surfaces besides wood, such as glass, metal and plastic, the materials often used in newer furniture.

Second, restoration qualifies as an art because the process brings out the creativity in clients. When you want to restore or refinish a prized boat or car, the master craftsman who undertake the job look to your preferences for the finished product. Customers can provide input on the range of materials and colors to be used in the restoration, which makes the project not only professional, but also unique and highly personalized. Put another way, restoration represents a chance to distinguish your own possessions through carefully considered choices, rather than purchasing something made to the specifications of someone else, or catered to the tastes of the crowd.

Finally, restoration is an art in the sense of emotional release because it just feels good. The process allows clients to exercise their creativity, claim their uniqueness and help the environment, not to mention set a smart example for family and friends. Take the opportunity to teach your children and other members of the young generation the benefits of preserving rather than disposing when you choose to restore meaningful items. Not to mention, the well maintained character and singularity of the finished product just might result in more value for your pocketbook, too. It pays to consider restoration before your purchase new items.

In a culture that prizes newness, it can be tempting to dispose of even the most cherished items when they show signs of needing repair. Before you purchase something new, consider the substantial benefits of restoration instead. In terms of the craftsmanship involved, the opportunity for personal input, and the powerful example it sets for other people, restoration truly is an art, and perhaps even the wisest economic decision, to behold.

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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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