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DIY: Reupholstering an Antique Chair


While wondering down your city block, you noticed that your neighbor put out a drop-in chair that is just perfect. It’s antique, it’s intricate, and it’s beautiful. But, the fabric on the seat of it has an awful design that nearly makes your stomach turn. Okay, so it’s almost perfect. What to do?

You could just keep walking, leaving the lovely chair on the curb for the next passerby to notice. Or, you could close your eyes for a moment and imagine the potential. What if the wood was stained a slightly lighter color? What if instead of that horrible shade of putrid green, the fabric was a gorgeous mauve? Never fear – where there’s potential, there’s a way!

Having a professional reupholster your chair for you would be the most time-efficient option for you, but it can also get expensive. Ordinarily, you’ll have to fork over anywhere from $250 to $350 for one chair to be reupholstered. Spending so much cash defeats the purpose of the chair being a great curbside find. So, as an alternative, you could always reupholster it yourself.

Many people think that reupholstering will be hard and time consuming, and this is partially true. Reupholstering is a time consuming process. However, it’s not difficult, and if you’re really into it, it can be a really fun DIY project.

The first thing you’ll want to do is clean the furniture as best you can. Since it’s antique, there could be a lot of dust lying around.

Next, you’ll want to remove the chair seat. You can do this by using a screwdriver to unscrew the chair seat. Remove it gently and put the screws somewhere safe so that you don’t lose them.

Now that you have the chair seat loose, turn it over so that you can see the bottom of it. There should be foam underneath and there are likely nails or staples fastening it all together. Remove the nails or staples and discard them – you’ll be adding new ones later, so no need to save the old ones.

Separate the foam and seat cover. You can throw the seat cover away – that’s what you’re replacing. If the foam is in good shape, go ahead and reuse it. If it’s not, throw it away and replace the foam. You should especially replace foam if there are any signs of mold or if it smells musty.

Turn your new fabric over so that the backside is facing up. With a marker, mark the halfway mark on the fabric. Now, lay your cushion over the fabric and trace around it so that you know where to cut for the reupholster. It’s important that you leave at least three inches on extra fabric the outside to use to fasten the fabric to the cushion.

Staple your foam to back to the seat. Now, take your cushion and lay it down on the cut fabric. Take care to wrap the fabric around the chair seat and use a stapler to fasten it in place. Staples should be no more than an inch apart, and be sure to constantly check that the fabric is being wrapped in a way that is tight and smooth.

With your fabric fastened, screw the seat back together with the screws you saved from the beginning of the process.

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