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Reupholstering Furniture

Although many of us buy furniture for the fabric that covers it, not the physical shape of the piece itself, as anyone who has had a favorite piece of furniture over a great deal of time can attest, fabric doesn’t always last. However, although the fabric on a favorite couch or armchair might not stand the test of time, the piece of furniture itself is likely to have a great many years of life left in it. If this is the case, you might want to consider reupholstering your furniture.

The first step in reupholstering a piece of furniture is deciding whether or not the furniture piece is something that you like and that you’ll want to keep in your home. The process of reupholstering is time consuming, so although it’s definitely doable for the savvy homeowner, it isn’t something you’ll want to do on a piece you don’t really care about. If you’re refurbishing a piece that is new to you but has seen better days in the grand scheme of things, evaluate whether the overall shape and style of the piece are going to fit in you rhone stylistically and physically.

Once you’ve decided that you definitely want to reupholster a piece of furniture, you should start taking pictures of it in its present form. Reupholstering essentially requires taking the furniture piece apart and then putting it back together. Although you may not think that an armchair or couch is terribly complicated (and in many ways, you’re right), you will want some guidance as to how the fabric on the piece was situated originally. The goal is to upholster the piece as closely to the way that the original upholstery was installed as possible.

After creating record of how the piece looked before it was taken apart, it’s time to actually take the piece apart. You’ll want to observe a particular order, here.

1) At the bottom of the couch or chair, you’ll find what’s called “dust clothes”. This is a thin piece of fabric that is intended to keep dust from getting into the couch or chair from below. With the piece of furniture on its side or upside down, remove this fabric.
2) With the “dust clothes” removed, it’s time to move onto the fabric of the furniture piece. You will want to remove the fabric in this order:
- Back outside
- Arms outside
- Back inside
- Arms inside
- Deck

Don’t throw any of the fabric away once it’s removed. You may need to use it in order to create the patterns for the new coverings.

With the fabric removed, inspect the piece of furniture for any interior damage. If there is an area that needs to be re-stuffed or repaired, make any changes necessary.

Once the inside is in working shape and is ready to reupholstered, use the existing fabric pieces that you have along with the photographs you took of the piece of furniture when it was still intact to create your new fabric coverings. Once you’ve created all of the fabric coverings, you will wrap the piece of furniture and will use a stable gun to attach the new coverings to the furniture piece.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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