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Loveseat Reupholstery

There are a wide range of reasons that may inspire one to reupholster a furniture piece like a loveseat. The loveseat may be really comfortable, but the fabric is either worn or it doesn’t fit with the decor of the rest of the room. The fabric may be stained, or you may just not like the look or feel of it. Whatever the reason, reupholstering the love seat can be a great way to keep a sturdy piece of furniture while still achieving a new look for it.

So, do you have a loveseat that you’d like to reupholster? If so, scroll down for some tried and true tips for reupholstering your furniture piece.

Remove the Existing Fabric
In order to reupholster the loveseat, you’re going to need to remove the upholstery that is currently on the piece. However, don’t just rip it off messily and throw away the scraps. You’re going to need to create a fabric covering that matches the current fabric covering in shape and size.

Turn the loveseat over so that the bottom is facing up. As you’ll see, the fabric will be attached to the furniture piece’s frame with staples. Using a screwdriver — a flat head will work — or another flat tool, remove the staples. With the fabric now free, remove it carefully from the furniture piece so that you can use it as a guide when you create the new cover for the chair.

Replace Foam if Necessary
With the fabric removed from the loveseat, you’ll be able to see the foam that makes up the cushioning of the loveseat. Determine whether or not it is in good condition. If the foam is good physical shape but is stained, this is a good time to replace it, even if you think it has another few years in it.

Create Your New Pattern
Using the existing fabric as a guide, you’ll want to cut the fabric that you’ll be using for the loveseat into a new pattern. You can do this by placing the old pieces that were carefully removed onto the new fabric. Then you’ll cut the new fabric in the shape and size of the old pieces. It may be helpful to pin the fabric pieces together so that they don’t shift while you’re cutting.

Put Your New Upholstery on the Loveseat
With the pieces of the loveseat all cut out and ready to go, you’ll want to attach them to the furniture piece. Start with the back. You’ll want to use staples, stapling into the frame, to secure the fabric into place. The best order to put the fabric onto the loveseat is:
– Back
– Front
– Arms

If you drape your fabric correctly, the staples won’t show. What you will want to do is install the back piece, position the front piece, and then drape the front piece over the back, covering the back staples.

Once everything is in place, staple the edges of the fabric underneath the loveseat the bottom.
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NYC Furniture Upholstery | Manhattan Commercial Upholstery | New York City Sofa Reupholstery
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