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Additional Information – FAQs

Upholstery and Reupholstery FAQs
Q: Is my furniture worth re-upholstering?
A: In most cases it will be. If it has good frame, is constructionally sturdy, has lasted for 5-10 years or more and is comfortable than re-upholstery is a great choice
Q: Isn’t it cheaper to buy new furniture?
A: You get what you pay for. At times, reupholstery can cost as much as moderately priced new furniture. When comparing make sure they are of similar quality both construction and fabric, the cost of high quality furniture is far greater then re-upholstering therefor it is smart to re-use your existing piece. Beware of cheap new furniture that are manufactured with poor materials, they do not hold-up and within short time you will regret that purchase.
Q: What is involved in re upholstery of my furniture?
A: In a nutshell; we remove old covering and filling to the bare frame, we check the frame for motion and stability and address any necessary repairs, we inspect springs, webbing and replace if required, we retie coil springs, replace padding and foam filling as necessary and finally, trace cut and sew fabric components and apply this to the frame, as a final touch we add finishing and trims of any kind, only then the item goes through inspection for quality of workmanship, when passed and approved it is ready for delivery.
Q: Do you supply fabrics or do I need to provide my own?
A: We carry a hugh variety of fabric samples in every pattern color or texture from leading manufacturers, all fabric supplied by us is guaranteed and is reasonably priced, if you choose to supply your own fabric, we will be glad to work with it, we will take the outmost care to provide you with the best results however we will not be responsible for the condition or quality of your fabric and we will not be able to guarantee our work since low quality fabric compromises final product.
Q: Do you give a free quote?
A: Yes. we feature free shop at home consultation were you will be presented with fabric samples of your choice as well as tips and advice from our specialists, at the same time we will estimate all costs involved for labor and materials on the spot, the advantage of in home consultation is that you will make better fabric choices to match with the décor and colors.
Q: Do you pick-up and deliver or can I drop-off my furniture?
A: We provide complete door to door pick-up and delivery as well as disassembly and reassembly services if you would find it convenient you could drop off your furniture at our workshop.for location and directions please refer to our contact page.
Q: How long will I be without my furniture?
A: Average turnaround time is between 2-3 weeks, smaller items such as chairs could take about 1-2 weeks to complete. We also accommodate special requests for rush jobs.
Q: Do you perform work on-site?
A: Yes. if from any reason your furniture can not be removed from your home or you find it more convenient, we will re-upholster it with the same superb results as in our workshop, we also provide onsite work for many businesses as well.
Q: Do you provide repair services and woodwork?
A: Yes. we provide a full range of repairs including restoration for wood furniture such as refinishing, re gluing and much more.
Q: Can you change the style or size of my furniture?
A: Yes. we are able to re fabricate most furniture depending on its frame.
Q: What kind of guarantee do you have?
A: All our work is guaranteed for 1 year, custom made furniture are guaranteed for 2 years.
Window Treatment FAQs
Q: What factors should I take when shopping for window treatments?
A: Window coverings offer the following: privacy, light control, insulating factors and style. First establish what you need from your window coverings, consider your life style and personal taste, whether it would serve the purpose of stylish décor alone or also save money on electric bills, protect your privacy and protect your furniture from fading and cracking due to sun exposure, always educate yourself before deciding.
Q: What is the difference between readymade, made to order and custom made window treatments?
A: Readymade treatments are select sizes a manufacturer offers to retailers, you purchase them off the rack as is, with made to order you are limited to select styles, fabrics and options but it offers greater variety than in stock items, custom window treatment is designed, fabricated and installed specific to a particular window allowing for proper projection, proportion, operation and endless selection of fabrics or styles.
Q: What is hard or soft treatment?
A: Hard treatment refer to blinds (mini, horizontal, vertical) shades (cellular, woven wood, roller) and shutters. Soft treatment refer to all window treatment that is fabricated from fabric (drapes, curtains, valances, roman shade etc).
Q: What is the difference between blinds and shades?
A: A blind generally refers to a slatted treatment that offers light control. A shade is typically a style that operates up and down, exposes or covers windows with less light control than blinds.
Q: How long will my window treatment last?
A: With proper care (gentle vacuuming and dusting) and periodic professional cleaning they can last for years, usually you will replace them before they will wear out.
Q: How long does it take for custom treatments to be made?
A: Depending upon fabric’s availability, turnaround time is between 2-8 weeks.
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