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What is Antiques Restoration?

August 11, 2014
Many people think that if an antique is repaired, it has been restored. Among the antiques community, though, it is known that this is not the case. While a repair may restore functionality to a piece, a restoration works to return the piece back to its original condition. This means making structural repairs but it also means paying attention to — and mimicking — the piece’s original finish, materials, and functionality. Read more...

Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential

July 7, 2014
The well maintained home is cleaned well and it is cleaned often. Countertops are sanitized, floors are swept and mopped, carpets are vacuumed, and bed linens are cleaned and changed regularly. However, there is an aspect of home cleaning that is often overlooked, even by the most meticulous of homeowners. Upholstery cleaning is, in many homes, not something that happens regularly. In fact, in a lot of homes, it’s something that doesn’t happen, ever.

Reasons to Choose Reupholstery

June 4, 2014
Investing in your furniture is an excellent way to add new design and character to a room. Often, people jump right to the idea of throwing out the old furniture and purchasing new furniture. However, admittedly, this causes a few headaches. First, you have to ditch a lot of furniture, which is neither easy or practical. Second, the cost of purchasing and moving new furniture can be extensive. Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions About Reupholstering

May 14, 2014
Reupholstering a furniture piece can be a great way to breathe new life into an old chair or couch. However, many people have a questions about this art form, what it entails, and whether it’s even worth it. Below, we’ll work through some of the biggest questions many individuals have about reupholstering. Read more...

Vintage Chair Reupholstery

April 23, 2014
Time takes its toll on fabrics. Whether it’s due to wear and tear, sun fading, or soiling, over time, you’ll find that the fabric on your furniture doesn’t always hold up. Of course, many times we have a favorite piece, be it because of its level of comfort, its shape and size, its design, or sentimental value. When you have a piece that you want to hold onto, you can always reupholster it to give it a breath of new life.

Custom Vehicle Upholstery

April 2, 2014
Custom vehicles are a popular hobby in the United States. Custom vehicle enthusiasts recreate vintage vehicles and travel the country showing off their beauties to fellow enthusiasts at car shows. Many such hobbyists are purists when it comes to what types of materials are used in their custom built vintage model cars. Years can be spent tracking down original fixtures, paints, hookups, and fabrics.

Working with an Upholsterer

March 12, 2014
Do you have a need for an upholsterer? If so, you’re going to want to know what it’s like to work with an upholsterer before you get into the game of working with one. Knowing what to expect will arm you with the knowledge you need to have a successful project with an upholsterer.

Tips for Restaurant Upholsterers

February 22, 2014
For an upholsterer, the restaurant upholstery industry is a booming business to get into. Restaurants come with several advantages for an upholsterer. First and foremost is ubiquity. Restaurants - particularly in metropolitan areas - have a great deal of turnaround. The high turnaround of restaurants is not great news for the restauranteur, but it is welcome news to the restaurant upholsterer. Read more...

Save Your Furniture

February 1, 2014
There are a wide range of reasons that may inspire one to reupholster a furniture piece like a loveseat. The loveseat may be really comfortable, but the fabric is either worn or it doesn’t fit with the decor of the rest of the room. The fabric may be stained, or you may just not like the look or feel of it. Whatever the reason, reupholstering the love seat can be a great way to keep a sturdy piece of furniture while still achieving a new look for it. Read more...

To Reupholster or Not To Reupholster

January 11, 2014
There are a wide range of reasons that may inspire one to reupholster a furniture piece like a loveseat. The loveseat may be really comfortable, but the fabric is either worn or it doesn’t fit with the decor of the rest of the room. The fabric may be stained, or you may just not like the look or feel of it. Whatever the reason, reupholstering the love seat can be a great way to keep a sturdy piece of furniture while still achieving a new look for it. Read more...

Loveseat Reupholstery

December 19, 2013
There are a wide range of reasons that may inspire one to reupholster a furniture piece like a loveseat. The loveseat may be really comfortable, but the fabric is either worn or it doesn’t fit with the decor of the rest of the room. The fabric may be stained, or you may just not like the look or feel of it. Whatever the reason, reupholstering the love seat can be a great way to keep a sturdy piece of furniture while still achieving a new look for it. Read more...

Reupholstering Furniture

November 25, 2013
Although many of us buy furniture for the fabric that covers it, not the physical shape of the piece itself, as anyone who has had a favorite piece of furniture over a great deal of time can attest, fabric doesn’t always last. However, although the fabric on a favorite couch or armchair might not stand the test of time, the piece of furniture itself is likely to have a great many years of life left in it. If this is the case, you might want to consider reupholstering your furniture. Read more...

The Good and The Bad: Velvet Upholstery Fabric

November 4, 2013
Velvet is a fabric that is commonly used in furniture upholstery and is also occasionally used for curtains and other upholstered items. If you are considering using velvet in your next upholstery design project, consider the following pros and cons first. Read more...

Upholstery Fabrics

October 21, 2013
When it comes to choosing fabric for upholstery, there are a wide range of options available. As you consider what fabric may be best for your upholstery needs. Read more...

New Innovations in Commercial Upholstery

October 7, 2013
As any restaurant or store owner knows, the upholstery in high-traffic retail and culinary locations needs to be extremely durable. From spills in restaurants to the general wear and tear of upholstery in all high traffic retail areas, if extremely delicate or high-maintenance fabrics are used, there will be a tremendous amount of upkeep involved in keeping the space looking appropriately manicured. Read more...

How to Choose Appropriate Upholstery for Commercial Spaces

September 23, 2013
In a commercial space - be it a restaurant, a cafe, an office, or a retail store - the appearance and overall feel of the space has a large impact on how clients interact with your brand. Design decisions such as paint color, furniture choices, flooring, and upholstery are all-important when it comes to decorating a commercial space. Read more...

A Quick Guide to Upholstery Fabrics

September 9, 2013
Choosing your upholstery fabric wisely can mean the difference between keeping your furniture looking great for a long time or watching in horror as your fabric falls apart due to excessive use. Use this quick guide to fabrics to ensure you are picking fabrics that accommodate the needs of how the furniture will be used. Read more...

Keeping Your Commercial Upholstery Looking Brand New

August 12, 2013
Keeping commercial furniture as nice-looking as possible means your New York City business will always appear well-kept, clean and attractive to customers. However, attempting to maintain your furniture's "newness" is difficult when dozens or maybe even hundreds of people use the furniture each day. Spills, rips and worn spot are inevitable where commercial furniture is concerned. Fortunately, a professional furniture repair and restoration service like Premiere Decorators can help you retain the beauty of the upholstered pieces you purchased especially for your company. Read more...

A Most Unusual Kind of Furniture Upholstery

June 21, 2013
Remember the good old days of choosing customary fabrics like fake leather, damask, tweed or suede with which to cover your sofas, chairs and ottomans? Today, the trending fabric of choice is exotic animal hides, such as shark, lizard, alligator, python, hippo and even zebra. Although many people may find it callous and unnecessary to use animals in this manner, the market is strong concerning the demand for furniture upholstered in exotic hides, which are provided by suppliers who have legal license to sell non-traditional upholstery. Read more...

Elegant and Upscale Upholstery Details for Sofas and Chairs

June 7, 2013
Upholstery details can add an aesthetic appeal to sofas and chairs that plain upholstery does not provide. You can also find practicality in upholstery details such as pleated slipcovers that protect furniture from the energetic messiness of children and pets. Because pleated slipcovers look some like quality upholstery, no one will ever guess that a couch or chair hasn't been covered with upscale upholstery. Read more...

Upholstery Fibers

May 24, 2012
The fibers in upholstery contribute not only to the appearance of an upholstered piece, but also to the durability of it. Further, the amount of care necessary for the piece and the types of cleaning methods that can be utilized on the piece will also be affected. Therefore, it’s very important when deciding to either purchase or reupholster a piece that you consider the upholstery fibers associated with the piece. Read more...

The Quality of Upholstered Furniture Matters

May 10, 2012
Reupholstering a furniture piece or set of pieces is a wonderful way to breathe new life into an old piece. However, there are many considerations that should be taken when deciding whether to upholster a piece. First and foremost, the construction of the piece must be examined. This can be difficult because the elements that matter are hidden beneath the fabric, but it is important that you look beyond the covering and get a solid idea of what you’re dealing with. Read more...

Tips for Updating Old Furniture Upholstery

April 26, 2012
You know your furniture is ready for reupholstering when you dread seeing the obvious wear and tear signs marring its exterior and often avoid even entering the same room where the worn furniture sits. Although the frame of the couch and/or chair may be solid as ever, the fabric covering the cushions and back of the furniture reminds you of something the neighbor's puppy happily chewed on and shredded for hours. Read more...

What does it Cost to Reupholster Furniture?

April 12, 2012
Reupholstering can be an economical way to continue using your favorite furniture without resorting to placing slipcovers over the worn-out fabric. Slipcovers need constant adjustment and do not look as clean and attractive as professionally reupholstered furniture. New, high-quality furniture sets generally cost at least $1500 but reupholstering an old, sturdy couch and chair that has withstood kids, pets and family gatherings over the years costs much less. Read more...

Should You Reupholster that Old Sofa?

March 29, 2012
Although a quality, professional reupholstering job may cost more than purchasing a new piece of furniture, certain items are just too valuable to neglect or eliminate from your home. Family heirlooms, antiques and just the fact that it is a good piece of furniture makes it worth paying the extra expense involved with reupholstering. Read more...

Quality Upholstery Fabrics for High-Demand Furniture

March 15, 2012
When needing reupholstering, frequently used furniture should be covered with fabrics called performance textiles. These special fabrics contain elements effectively resistant to tearing, heat, stains, wrinkles and ultraviolet rays. Also called functional or "smart" textiles, these fabrics commonly protect commercial public seating furniture but can also provide the same type of heavy-duty protection for home furniture subject to extreme wear and tear. Read more...

A Guide to Upholstery Terms

March 1, 2012
Are you exploring the world of reupholstering because you want to reupholster a treasured piece of furniture but remain confused by the industry jargon? Part of the successful restoration of a valuable antique or family heirloom lies with the customer knowing exactly what he or she wants regarding the finished product. Read more...

Definitive Guide to Upholstery Fabrics

February 16, 2012
With so many fabric choices available, how do you know which one is right for the furniture piece you plan to have reupholstered? While some fabrics are intended for high-traffic treatment, others are more delicate and meant for appearance and occasional sitting. Read more...

Finding an Upholsterer

February 2, 2012
Whether you have an old piece that’s been in your family for years or you’ve recently discovered a piece that could use a new look, upholstery provides an opportunity to give a facelift to worn or ripped furniture pieces. Upholsterers are professionals who install and sell fabrics and leathers. Read more...

Choosing the Right Upholsterer

January 19, 2012
Reupholstering a piece of furniture is a great way to breathe new life into an old or worn piece. However, reupholstering requires a vast skill se. It requires the upholsterer to completely strip the furniture piece down to the frame, to web it, to spring it, and to install a new top covering.

Tips on Finding a Professional and Dependable Upholsterer in New York City

January 5, 2012
Whether you want to re-upholster an old but favorite chair or family antique, you certainly do not wish to place a cherished piece of furniture into the hands of an amateur. Read more...

Purchasing Used Reupholstered Furniture

December 22, 2011
Exactly what should New York City consumers be aware of when buying used, reupholstered furniture? How do you know what you are purchasing is worth the price? Questions like these always enter the minds of people buying used items. Read more...

The Elements of Custom Reupholstery

December 8, 2011
To reupholster a furniture piece means to replace the existing fabric that covers the entirety or a portion of the piece. Reupholstering can be a pricy endeavor, though, so it should only be done on pieces that are well constructed. Read more...

DIY: Reupholstering an Antique Chair

November 24, 2011
While wondering down your city block, you noticed that your neighbor put out a drop-in chair that is just perfect. It’s antique, it’s intricate, and it’s beautiful. But, the fabric on the seat of it has an awful design that nearly makes your stomach turn. Okay, so it’s almost perfect. What to do? Read more...

Learning to Restore Old Furniture

November 10, 2011
Choosing the right kind of furniture fabric may not seem that important but may eventually reveal its significance several years later when you see that the fabric you originally chose was totally wrong. Read more...

Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabric

October 27, 2011
When choosing upholstery fabric, you should initially consider how extensively the piece of furniture is going to be used and by whom. Living room furniture subjected to kids and pets needs to be covered in durable, stain-resistant fabric while furniture placed in dens or foyers do not require such dense, strong material. Read more...

Learning to Restore Old Furniture

October 13, 2011
Before you decide to take that old, scruffy piece of furniture that once graced your grandparent's living room and restore it to the beautiful item you nostalgically remember, learning the difference between restoring and refinishing may help you better understand the mechanics of reviving old or antique furniture. Read more...

When You Need a Restoration Expert for Antique Furniture

September 28, 2011
So you think you can successfully restore that solid wood antique rolltop desk by sanding a little here and there and slapping on some stain? Think again! Did you know that by impulsively plunging into a restoration project you may be inadvertently decreasing the value of that desk by hundreds, even thousands of dollars? Read more...

Reupholstering a Sofa

September 14, 2011
So, you have a sofa and you’ve had it for years. It fits perfectly in the nook in your New York City or Brooklyn apartment – which is rare! It’s given you many years of great comfort, and it’s a quality piece. Read more...

To Reupholster or to Replace?

August 31, 2011
For many furniture owners in New York City and Brooklyn, a worn piece of furniture - especially one that fits well in your apartment or brownstone, and has given you years of good use - poses a very specific, very common question: to replace, or to reupholster? Read more...

Furniture Reupholstery

August 17, 2011
Most of us already own several upholstered furniture pieces. From sofas and loveseats to armchairs and dining chair slip seats, upholstered furniture is a staple in the overall look and design of a home’s interior decorating. Read more...

Office Chair Upholstery Options

August 10, 2011
The standard option for office chair upholstery, fabric is great for people who want a reliable look available in a variety of colors and patterns. Fabric is often a top choice for offices and institutions that want a uniform look throughout a space. Read more...

Upholstery Cleaning Methods

August 3, 2011
Upholstery is often thought of as the element that brings life to a room by giving comfort, color, and style to furniture pieces within a space. Because of upholstery’s important role in the room, it’s important to keep upholstery clean. Read more...

Choosing Upholstery Fabric

July 27, 2011
The most effective component of a piece of upholstered furniture is the fabric. From prints to solids, cloths to leather to high-tech synthetics, the options are endless for customizing your favorite furniture piece and making adding an exciting look to your home. Read more...

Furniture Upholstery Ideas

July 20, 2011
Need some furniture upholstering ideas now that you've decided to reupholster that old but comfortable couch or chair rather than exchange it for a new piece of furniture? The basics of reupholstering essentially concern fabric choice--what kind of fabric you want, whether you want a pattern or solid color and methods of upholstering furniture. Read more...

Antique Furniture Restoration

June 29, 2011
Antique furniture restoration is a meticulous process in which valuable and sentimental pieces of furniture are carefully preserved so that future generations can enjoy domestic artwork of past craftsmen. Read more...

Reupholstery or Buying New?

June 8, 2011
You love that old, comfortable couch but it is starting to be somewhat of an eyesore in your otherwise modernly decorated apartment. Seeing those worn arm rests, the sagging in the middle and faded spots have made you love it even more. Read more...

The Furniture Reupholstery Process - What's Involved

May 18, 2011
Reupholstering furniture involves more than just taking off old fabric and tacking on new fabric. While reupholstering is a viable alternative to purchasing new furniture that probably contains material inferior to the components used in the making of your older furniture pieces, reupholstering does requires experience. Read more...

Special Care Tips for Antique Furniture Re-Upholstery

April 27, 2011
One glance at antique furniture will show that these special pieces differ from contemporary furniture in many important ways. Made decades, in some cases even centuries ago, antique furniture exhibits construction techniques, styles and materials that require unique expertise to re-upholster without risk of damage. Read more...

How to Choose Upholstery Fabric

March 16, 2011
When it comes to upholstered furniture, nothing is more important than the type of fabric that is chosen to cover it. The fabric provides an immediate indication of quality and taste, and it also exhibits the most wear and stains. In short, upholstery fabric makes a direct statement about a home and its owners in the way few other decorating choices can. Read more...

Easy Cleaning Tips for Upholstered Furniture

February 23, 2011
Upholstered furniture is one of the biggest investments any homeowner can make. In order to keep the upholstery looking new and comfortable, it helps to try regular cleaning and maintenance. While many people prefer professional cleaning companies, it can be costly to use these services on a frequent basis. Read more...

Tips to Keep Upholstery Looking Fresh

January 10, 2011
Most people know the feeling of falling in love with a piece of furniture because of the way its upholstery looks and feels. The smoothness, the comfort and the appearance of the fabric all attract buyers to a particular piece and inspire their long-term investment in furniture. However, a smart investment in a piece of furniture includes a commitment to keeping the upholstery in good standing over time with regular maintenance. Read more...

Choose Long-Lasting Value with the Art of Restoration

October 11, 2010
What do you value? All too often in the twenty-first century, it can seem like we live in a throwaway society, where people feel the impulse to dispose of items the minute they seem a bit worn or boring. Read more...

Make Top Cars Even Better with Tweaking

September 20, 2010
Ferrari. Mercedes. BMW. Most people recognize the names of quality cars when they hear them in conversations or see them in advertisements and on the road. High-end auto brands stand as obvious symbols of luxury and performance, and generally provide enough top-of-the-line features to make most everyday drivers as happy as possible. Read more...

Follow Simple Tips to Make Reupholstery a Green Job

July 1, 2010
The decision to reupholster used or vintage furniture rather than purchase new pieces is a smart choice for the environment. Reupholstery saves the materials and energy that would be spent on brand new furniture, which not only saves customers money, but also helps to make the planet more sustainable. Read more...

Upholstery Clients Weigh Leather Against Fabric Choice

June 17, 2010
Choosing to reupholster furniture shows that clients care about preserving high quality pieces, and anyone who decides to extend the life of furniture rather than discard gently used and well-worn pieces should be congratulated. Read more...

The Big Furniture Question: Reupholster or Buy New?

June 3, 2010
When it comes time to move to a new space or redesign a room, many people paint the walls, clean the rugs and order new window treatments, only to wonder what to do about their old sofa and chairs. If furniture looks faded but you still love the comfort and quality, should the pieces be replaced with something new or reupholstered to extend their life? Read more...
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